The design office is able to carry out a project in full autonomy, starting from a simple customer need, developing all the feasibility studies and the automation projects to be implemented, using advanced three-dimensional systems.

To verify the structural strength of the 3D model or its hydrodynamics, we provide structural, modal (FEM) and fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis services.

Our work areas are industrial design, automation, electrical and hydraulic systems and all the operations that contribute in a broad sense to the construction of machines, prototypes and systems in the self-propelled sector of excavations and road construction.

The search for “special” customers, those who are not only interested in the standard machine, has always been in the DNA of the company: designing more and more exclusive models for specific situations of use has allowed us to accumulate enormous expertise that today service of our customers.

The continuous search for new solutions to increase the efficiency and safety of the machines is the basis of the company’s success and the trust our customers place in us.

The experience gained in the sector allows us to design frames for excavators or other machinery according to the most restrictive international safety regulations, from the range of small excavators to heavy equipment.

We design fixed and variable undercarriages with operating weight from 6 to 60 tons. We are able to design undercarriages to be applied on existing machines of any manufacturer to adapt them to new work needs.

We design road paving machines with high-tech integrated systems and cutting-edge systems.

To facilitate transport and work on construction sites, we design engine hoods with removable parts for your non-standard machines.


FA ENGINEERING proposes itself as a primary player in the field of engineering innovation and consultancy able to support customers in the realization of their ideas.

We put our know-how at the service of our customers: our team consists of engineers and qualified specialists with experience and in-depth knowledge with respect to the sectors in which we operate.


FA ENGINEERING operates in the field of medium-heavy mechanical carpentry, creating plants, machinery, or parts of them; is able to build complete machines starting from the frame, to manufacture arms and mechanical components on specific customer drawings.

The division specializes in light and heavy welding on a wide range of materials.

We guarantee the use of qualified and certified raw materials and constantly monitor all product transformation processes, from thermal cutting, bending to welding up to mechanical processing and their necessary treatments.

Our technicians are available to customers to propose and evaluate together the best solutions for all needs, especially aimed at the construction site and the heavy use for which the product is intended.


Ideas are the beating heart of FA ENGINEERING: innovation, customization, quality and attention to detail are our mission.

Each project is curated and implemented in collaboration with the customer to whom our experience and skills are made available.

We implement and customize machines or parts of them with special applications to make them more performing and to give value and uniqueness to our products.


Many years of experience allows us to have a mechanical workshop equipped for the assembly of components of industrial machines of all types.

The department carries out industrial assembly of mechanical, hydraulic, electromechanical, and mechatronic components of complete or partial machines for any industrial sector.

Each stage of processing is performed by a careful technical control respecting all the customer’s specifications, starting from the positioning of each individual component up to the final testing.


External assembly represents a modern and advantageous reality of producing for companies.

In an increasing flexible and competitive industrial environment, it becomes difficult to cope with production peaks, especially in terms of organization, inventory management, component purchase, compliance with deadlines and quality control.

FA ENGINEERING makes itself available to its customers to assemble mini-series of machines or parts thereof, ensuring compliance with the processes.


We have an area to perform validation tests on different product lines, FA ENGINEERING has qualified operators to perform the necessary tests according to the customer’s specifications. Through daily reports from operators, we are able to provide the feedback necessary to intervene in the event of anomalies on the machines.

The tests already carried out in recent years have shown the considerable potential and advantages of having a dedicated area where the validations can be performed before the product is launched on the market


We create complete hydraulic and electrical systems for any industrial machine.

The company employs very competent selected technicians to offer you excellent services in the assembly of hydraulic power units, modernization of old systems, design of standard hydraulic and transmission circuits as well as a development of circuits already designed by the customer.

We supply high pressure industrial material and a wide range of quality hydraulic products thanks to continuous research and development.

We create pre-series of electrical systems based on our design and / or customer specifications.

We have storage areas for the customer’s material storage both short and long term; we offer logistics services for unloading and loading goods.